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27 August 2008 @ 04:39 am

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25 June 2008 @ 07:28 pm
++ So today was my sisters graduation. lmao. Okay so the ceremony in itself was the most boring thing on earth except for when the Valedictorian and the Salutatorian spoke. Other than that, there was this random dude talking and I swear he went around in circles about absolutely NOTHING. Thank God the ceremony in itself didn't last too long. Here are some pics from it, they're really shit quality because my camera sucks.

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++ After all of that we headed to Red Lobster. That was a fun time. Me and my sister fooled around in the bathroom, taking stupid pictures because we're pretty fantastic. :) haha. We're goofballs. Some were pre-food and others were post-food. :) haha. Some are of her mixing ketchup with seasalt and pepper lmao. We're such goofballs, don't take us anywhere! Oh and there's one of my dad in there looking totally DUMB. lmfao. He's all "take a picture of me eating crabs" so I do then he's all surprised because he didn't think I'd do it. HAHAHA DUMBASS.

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++ That concludes my picspam of my day! Hahaha. I'll be around to comment soon if I don't pass out from exhaustion. I'M SO TIRED. :( I couldn't sleep at all today because I was babysitting and I STILL AM. :( Anyhoo twas a fun day. I'll catch you all on the flip side. :)

++ ETA:I forgot to add the pics I took of myself today, because I'm apparently a camera whore. Check em. :)
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15 April 2008 @ 02:18 am
So I'll admit that I thought today was going to result in heartache because usually thats how everything I really want to do results in. DISAPPOINTMENTS. It started off bad, Sandra couldn't meet me until after 5 o'clock. The movie was supposed to start at about 7:30, but we wanted good seats so we had to be there super early.

Fine, I thought I'd kill time by taking the bus over there. From 143st all the way to 42nd street. Quite a ride, but enjoyable. I love seeing the city, rolling by me on the big windows. So anyway, I was by myself standing outside in the not so cold but still not hot enough for me to enjoy sitting there alone. Whatever, people start showing up so I'm not feeling quite as awkward. Instead I feel like a freak for being the first in line. LMAO. YES I SAID FIRST. I got there at 3pm and I would've been there sooner if I wasn't so hesitant about being a freak.

Anyway, first in line YEP thats me. So I made nice with these girls behind me, story about that to come later. Finally around 5:30ish Sandra shows up and let the good times roll. LMAO. Okay first off, if you don't know Sandra and I then you don't know how we are when together. We're so obnoxious. lmao. Anyway, so we befriended the girls behind us. The girl since she got there has been fawning over Russell Brand. Okay, I get it.. he's a stud. :) ..but she's been saying that she's giving him her number and stuff like that. Okay, cut to them during the movie exchanging text messages. The first saying that she should meet him in his hotel room. LMAO. I died, how trashy is this girl. Anyway, that's besides the point.

The STAPLE of tonights evening..OH YES THE ONE AND ONLY JUDD FUCKING APATOW being there. I wasn't prepared for that. I wasn't expecting him, I had already resumed to the idea of him not being there since he wasn't announced. Then he walks through the entry way of the theater. CUE ME SPAZZING. Okay, I didn't even spaz this much for JASON SEGEL whom I still love with all my being just so you know. BUT ITS JUDD.


So sorry for the shitty quality, but my camera is shit and it was dark in the theater.

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Just cut the skanky chick out, thats who is in his hotel room right now. LMFAO TRASHY. Anyway, tonight was immense. EPIC in fact. LEGEN WAIT FOR IT DARY! :) I love you Judd, Jason, BILL, and even you manwhore Russell. lmao.

The movie in itself is the best Apatow flick to date in my opinion.
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